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Our Kids’ Goals


Miyon Pead

Miyon Pead is ten years old and in the fourth grade.  She can be funny but also serious.  Miyon really likes to draw and design things and wants to help the elderly.  She combined these things with her F-P goal.  Miyon personally made 50 “thinking of you” and “be happy” cards to give to residents staying in a nursing home.  She completed all the cards and with her coach delivered them to the residents at the Eastland Care Center.

James Echols

James Echols is a special third grader.  He likes school and his favorite subjects are math and science.  James also likes to help others.  James thinks he might want to be in the army when he grows up to help save the world.  James goal this year was to conduct a toy drive for the children of Iraq.  James researched addresses, composed letters, and distributed flyers and posters.  He collected a truckload of toys with responses from over 50 letters he mailed out.

Brent Ridgeway

Brent Ridgeway is in the fourth grade.  He likes sports, especially football.  Brent is a very caring person and likes to help others, especially little kids.  And that’s what he did in F-P this year.  Brent devoted his recess time to help a second grader improve his spelling.  While the other kids were out playing and having fun, Brent dedicated himself to helping another kid.

Seth Banks

Seth Banks is eleven years old and in the fifth grade.  Seth has a very positive attitude and is very outgoing.  His hobbies include skating, sports, and music videos.  His wish for the world is that there would be no bullying and no homeless people.  For his F-P goal, Seth collected clothing and raised money for the Faith Mission Homeless Shelter.  He gave a speech to his class and wrote some letters to solicit contributions.  In addition to stacks of clothes, Seth raised over $100 and presented it to the Faith Mission. He got his picture taken with the CEO and formal thank you letters for his special effort.